Apr 162015
Novelist and poet Robert Penn Warren lived at Chapala in 1941

Robert Penn Warren, the great American poet, novelist and literary critic, was born in Kentucky on 24 April 1905 and died in Vermont on 15 September 1989. Warren lived and wrote in Chapala for several months in the summer of 1941. Warren entered Vanderbilt University in 1921, where he became the youngest member of a […]

Apr 132015
Grupo 68: an Ajijic art co-operative (1967-1971)

The art group known as Grupo 68 was founded in 1967 and initially comprised Peter Huf, his wife Eunice Hunt, Jack Rutherford, John Kenneth Peterson and Shaw (the artist Don Shaw). Jack Rutherford dropped out during the first year, but the others remained as a group until 1971. Grupo 68 exhibited regularly (most Sunday afternoons) at […]

Apr 102015
Frances Christine Fisher (1846-1920), aka Christian Reid

Christian Reid was the nom de plume chosen by Frances Christine Fisher (later Tiernan). As a woman writing in a man’s world, presumably she felt that her pen name would enable her to better compete with her male counterparts. Fisher was born in Salisbury, North Carolina 5 July 1846. Her father invested in mining ventures […]

Apr 082015
The Chula Vista Happening of June 1969

In June 1969, and in a bid to challenge the artistic status quo in the Lake Chapala area, three Jocotepec-based artists – Tom Brudenell, Shaw and John Brandi – joined forces to stage a “happening”. A “happening” has no precise definition, but is summed up in Wikipedia as “a performance, event or situation meant to […]

Apr 062015
Tom Brudenell, painter and muralist

Tom Brudenell, a painter, muralist and qualified art therapist who now resides in Canada, was born 18 July 1937 in Kansas City, and lived in the Lake Chapala region for several years in the late 1960s. Brudenell’s family moved frequently when he was a child, living for extended periods in Chicago and Kansas City. Brudenell […]

Apr 022015
Georg Rauch  (1924-2006), artist extraordinaire

Georg Rauch was born in Salzburg, Austria, on 14 February 1924, and lived thirty years in Jocotepec, on the mountainside overlooking Lake Chapala, prior to his death on 3 November 2006. Rauch had an adventurous early life. His memoirs (translated from their original German by his wife, Phyllis), described his wartime experiences. They were first […]

Mar 312015
David Morris  (1911-1999) and Helen Morris (1917-1992)

David and Helen Morris were well-known potters who lived for several years in Guadalajara and Ajijic in the late 1940s and early 1950s, before moving to the San Francisco Bay area of California. David Morris was born in 1911 in Washington D.C., where his father was a doctor at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Morris graduated […]

Mar 302015
John Upton  (1917-2005): translator, educator and Renaissance man

John Elbert Upton was born on 10 September 1917 and died aged 88, in Monterey, California, on 9 October 2005. He was a multi-talented individual who earned his living as a translator and teacher. Upton lived in Ajijic for over a decade, from 1949 to 1959, and then returned to live in the village several […]

Mar 232015

Norah Kennedy, later Norah (Kennedy) Barr was the younger sister of the culinary author Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher and elder sister of artist David Holbrook Kennedy. Norah Kennedy was born 30 May 1917 in Whittier, California, and died at age 96 on 15 January 2014, in Santa Rosa, California.Norah Kennedy spent several months in Chapala, […]