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The 42 chapters of If Walls Could Talk: Chapala’s Historic Buildings and Their Former Occupants are arranged in three parts:

PART A: The town center

  1. Parish church of San Francisco
  2. Stagecoaches and 1907 traffic congestion
  3. Gran Hotel Chapala (Posada Dona Trini)
  4. Villa Ana Victoria
  5. The Widow’s Bar
  6. Casa Barragán (the Witter Bynner house)
  7. Plazas, old and new
  8. Cerro San Miguel
  9. Old Municipal Building
  10. Municipal Building (Hotel Palmera, Hotel Nido)
  11. Hotel Arzapalo
  12. Beer Garden
  13. Casa Capetillo
  14. Casa Galván (Villa Aurora)
  15. Mi Pullman
  16. Villa Ave María
  17. Chalet Paulsen (Villa Paz)
  18. Las Delicias therapeutic baths

PART B: West along Avenida Hidalgo

  1. Villa Ferrara
  2. Mineral water bottling plant
  3. Villa Tlalocan
  4. Villa Adriana
  5. Casa Albión (Villa Josefina)
  6. Villa Niza
  7. Jardín del Mago
  8. Villa Reynera
  9. La Capilla de Lourdes
  10. Hotel Villa Montecarlo
  11. Villa Bela (Villa Bell)
  12. La Casita Blanca
  13. Villa Virginia
  14. Villa Macedonia and the Schmoll residence
  15. Villa Tatra
  16. El Manglar

PART C: East of the pier

  1. Waterfront and original yacht club
  2. Casa Braniff
  3. Villa Robles León
  4. Villa Carmen
  5. Casa de las Cuentas (the D. H. Lawrence house)
  6. Villa Ochoa
  7. Chapala Yacht Club
  8. Chapala Railroad Station

The book also includes detailed original maps, reference notes, a bibliography and index.

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