Feb 162018

Sombrero Books is delighted to announce the release of the print edition of Dilemma, a novel by Jan Dunlap. Available world-wide via Amazon, the 190-page print edition costs US$14.99. Order your copies today to ensure receiving them in plenty of time for Christmas and the Holiday  Season!

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In her exciting debut novel, Dilemma, Jan Dunlap weaves a page-turning tale of international romance, drugs and intrigue, loosely based on events and characters from her past.

The novel, set mainly at Lake Chapala in Mexico, takes us back to the 1970s. Natalie, a beautiful young DEA agent, is sent to investigate an alleged king-pin in the drugs world who lives in Ajijic. Her life soon becomes far more complicated than she bargained for.

The striking cover artwork is by Oliver Rivas, one of the author’s grandsons.

Jan Dunlap, the author, was born and raised in small-town Texas. She has a formal background in sociology and spent ten years in Puerto Rico – where she met Fidel Castro – before living more than twenty years in Mexico, where she owned a restaurant-art gallery and bar.

Jan is already looking forward to the publication of her next novel, a blood-curdling tale of murder and mayhem also set at Lake Chapala.

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