Apr 082015

These revisions and additions (April 2023) apply primarily to books purchased in Mexico. Books purchased more recently via Amazon are the latest printing at the time of purchase (check for any later revisions), and Kindle editions should automatically update whenever minor revisions are made.

page 2, paragraph 4: “potatoes” should read “sweet potatoes”

page 2, paragraph 4: “they also domesticated dogs, rabbits and turkeys for their meat.” should read “they also domesticated and/or managed dogs, rabbits and turkeys for their meat.”

page 73, paragraph 3: “15 million pesos” should be “15 million dollars” (though the peso and dollar were close to par at the time)

page 77, line 1: “Paso del Norte (now El Paso)” should read “Paso del Norte (now Cd. Juárez)

page 88, paragraph 3, line 4: delete the word “airport”

page 92, paragraph 2, line 11: “Tomás Braniff” should read “Thomás Braniff”


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