Mar 162015

Never content to rest on their laurels, John and Susy Pint have published a second volume of Outdoors in Western Mexico. This volume is bilingual; the Spanish title is Al aire libre en las cercanías de Guadalajara, 2.

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Outdoors in Western Mexico, Volume 2, continues where the first volume, Outdoors in Western Mexico (2011) left off. It offers short, accurate descriptions of 25 varied new sites in the environs of Lake Chapala and Guadalajara that are suitable for day hikes. Each chapter appears first in Spanish and then in English. (For beginning and intermediate Spanish-speakers, this book would be a great way to improve your language skills!)

The book is beautifully designed, enhanced by a small section of excellently-reproduced color photos. Small line drawings and maps help break up the 240-page text and no design details have been overlooked. A final section has clear drawings of animal tracks, compiled by biologist Karina Aguilar, that will help you know what to look for.

All locations and hikes have clear instructions as to how to get there, and where to go, including ample GPS coordinates. All hikes are also on the online Wikiloc Routes system: GuadHikes.

The book costs 200 Mexican pesos. Contact the authors for details of where to buy or how to order one by mail. The review copy was posted from Guadalajara and took about a week to reach Canada. It arrived in perfect condition.

The sites and hikes described in this book include:

Chapter 24 presents UMA Agua Blanca, featuring bird watching, hiking, camping and a beautifully preserved circular pyramid (Guachimontón), two thousand years old.

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  1. How do I order both volumes of Outdoors in Western Mexico from Canada?

    • Dave,
      Thanks for your enquiry. I’m in UK until the end of this week and need to check that I definitely have copies. Is it OK if I email you at the weekend with the details of price, payment options and shipping?

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