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Outdoors in Western Mexico, by John and Susy Pint (2nd edition 2011).

pints-coverArt and Cartoons by Jesús Moreno; graphic Design by Jesús García Arámbula.

212 pages. 41 maps.14 color photos. Too many drawings and cartoons to count.

This user-friendly book contains details of forty scenic places to camp, hike or picnic within a few hours of Guadalajara and Lake Chapala. Short descriptions include trail landmarks and background information. A very hard to find book!

Published by Quadrimag, S.A.de C.V. in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Price: US $20.00 plus shipping (contact us for details)

“For decades now, the Pints — who live in Zapopan, Jalisco — have wandered off-the-beaten paths in search of the beautiful and the mysterious and the interesting. And in this book they have gathered articles they have written about rivers and canyons, caves, volcanoes (both active and inactive), hot (and cold) springs, waterfalls, petroglyphs, pre-Columbian tombs, circular pyramids, boiling mud pots, even poltergeists, and exotic flora and fauna… all within a few hours of Guadalajara.” (MexConnect)

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  1. I would like to purchase this book

    • Thanks! Copy of this message sent via email. Let us know where book needs to be shipped to and we’ll send you a paypal invoice covering cost of book and shipping, TB.

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