Apr 082015

These revisions and additions (April 2023) apply primarily to books purchased in Mexico. Books purchased more recently via Amazon are the latest printing at the time of purchase (check for any later revisions), and Kindle editions should automatically update whenever minor revisions are made.

page 10, Caption, Fig 1.9 should read “c. 1900. W Scott.”
“Mailed to France in 1906, this oval image is from a rectangular photograph first published in a 1902 book. A greatly cropped version was published as a postcard in about 1906.”

page 26, Caption, Fig 3.3 should read “c. 1901. J M Lupercio; Ruhland & Ahlschier.”

page 28, Caption, Fig 3.5 should read “c. 1901. C B Waite; Iturbide Curio Store.”

page 69, paragraph 3: “Juan Kaiser, the Swiss-born publisher”

page 95, first line should read “… extended to Jocotepec (1901) and Chapala and…”

page 143, Index of photographers and publishers:

  • Lupercio – delete 1.9; add entry for 3.3
  • Scott – add entry for 1.9
  • Waite – add entry for 3.5


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