Price list for other new and gently used books about Mexico


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Books in English or bilingual English/Spanish

A Drink Named Tequila, by José María Muria and Ricardo Sánchez (Ed. Agata, 1996) US$15.00

A House Far South in Mexico by Elaine Dandh. (Perception Press 2000) US$20.00

A visit to Don Otavio, A Mexican odyssey, by Sybille Bedford  (Eland, 2002) US$8.00

A visit to Don Otavio, A Mexican journey, by Sybille Bedford  (Eland, 1982) US$8.00

Exploring Yucatan: A Traveler’s Anthology, selected and edited by Richard D. Perry US$20.00

Guadalajara, Ayer y Hoy, by S. Gastaldi; Ruizesparza and Oskar Gastaldi (1998) US$15.00

House In The Sun by Dane Chandos (reprint by Tlayacapan Press, 1999) US$15.00 [sold out]

Juan Rulfo and The South of Jalisco, by Wolfgang Vogt (1995) US$10.00

Outdoors in Western Mexico, by John and Susy Pint (2011) US$20.00

Paricutín, 50 years after its birth, by Simón Lázaro Jiménez (Editorial Agata, 1994) US$10.00 [SOLD OUT]

Past Times in Chapala, by J. Jesús González G. (1994) US$15.00

Some Common and Interesting Plants of San Miguel de Allende by John and Anne Packer (1999) US$15.00

The Jew with the Iron Cross: A Record of Survival in WWII Russia, by Georg Rauch US$15.00

The Line – La Linea, a novel by Beldon Butterfield (Ediciones de la Noche, 2007) US$20.00

The Tarahumar of Mexico,  Their Environment and Material Culture, by Campbell W. Pennington (Reprint by Editorial Agata, 1996) US$20.00

Tonalá: Raíces que perduran (Living Roots), bilingual edition (Editorial Agata 1994) US$15.00

Village In The Sun by Dane Chandos (reprint by Tlayacapan Press, 1998) US$15.00

Viva Mexico! by Charles Macomb Flandrau (Eland reprint 1982) US$12.00

Photo books (captions and introductory text in Spanish)

Mascota (Editorial Agata, Fotoglobo, 2003) US$15.00

San Gabriel,  (Editorial Agata, Fotoglobo, 2004) US$20.00

San Sebastián del Oeste  (Editorial Agata, Fotoglobo, 2001) US$20.00

Sierra Primavera  (Editorial Agata, Fotoglobo, 2004) US$15.00

Tapalpa (Editorial Agata, Fotoglobo, 2001); 64 pp, sepia photos US$15.00

Tapalpa – Pueblo mágico (Editorial Agata, Fotoglobo, 2001): 143 pp, color photos US$35.00

Tlajomulco  (Editorial Agata, Fotoglobo, 2004) US$20.00

Spanish Language Books

Jalisco en el progreso de México – aportación a la obra de gobierno del Lic. J. Jesús Gónzalez Gallo US$20.00

La Fiesta de San Andrés – Historia Visual (Editorial Agata, 2003) US$20.00

Laguna de Sayula; humedad del sur de Jalisco, México (Unión Editorialista. 2005) US$40.00

La Ruta de Occidente: Las Ciudades de Toluca y Morelia, by Pablo C. de. Gante (1939) US$10.00


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