Chapter titles of “Western Mexico: A Traveler’s Treasury” (4th edition)


Map of area covered by book
Part One

  • 1. Spanish conquistadors reach Lake Chapala
  • 2. Mezcala Island: Lake Chapala’s National Monument
  • 3. Tourism ignites Chapala
  • 4. The Riviera communities: Chapala, Ajijic and Jocotepec
  • 5. The south shore of the lake: vistas and villages
  • 6. Jiquilpan: nationalism and cultural heritage
  • 7. The eastern end of the lake: La Barca, Jamay and Ocotlán
  • 8. Cajititlán and its Three Kings’ Fiesta

Part Two

  • 9. Jalisco’s past: Guachimontones, haciendas and spas
  • 10. The towns around Tequila Volcano
  • 11. Talpa, Mascota, San Sebastián: miracles, mines and museums

Part Three

  • 12. Tapalpa, picturesque mountain town, and Sayula
  • 13. Manantlán Biosphere Reserve: ecotourist wonderland
  • 14. Mazamitla and Tamazula: through pine forests and cane fields
  • 15. The city of Colima and surrounding countryside

Part Four

  • 16. From Guadalajara to San Juan de los Lagos
  • 17. Lagos de Moreno: the Athens of Jalisco
  • 18. León: the Leather Capital of Mexico
  • 19. Aguascalientes: the charms of a provincial city

Part Five

  • 20. Scenic route north to Jerez, Fresnillo and Zacatecas
  • 21. The city of Zacatecas: a labyrinth of riches
  • 22. Jerez, an undiscovered colonial gem, and La Quemada
  • 23. Bolaños: old mining town revives its fortunes

Part Six

  • 24. The route west to San Blas: lakes and volcanoes
  • 25. San Blas: historic port on the Pacific
  • 26. Mexcaltitán: island of surprises
  • 27. Rincón de Guayabitos: youthful beach town
  • 28. Puerto Vallarta: ever-popular resort  / resort that keeps re-inventing itself

Part Seven

  • 29. Barra de Navidad and Melaque: coastal jewels
  • 30. Manzanillo: port of swaying fortunes
  • 31. Cuyutlán: sea, sand and salt

Part Eight

  • 32. The road to Tzintzuntzan
  • 33. Pátzcuaro and its multitudinous attractions
  • 34. Tingambato and Uruapan: pyramids and avocados
  • 35. Paricutín Volcano and Angahuan Village

Part Nine

  • 36. The monarch butterflies of Michoacán
  • 37. More treasures of the Sierra Madre

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